1. How do I order?
There are three ways to order: call or text us at (760) 897-4200 and we can assist you,
or if you’re a first time member, submit an order online using the New Member Form.
If you’re already a member simply click the Order link.

2. I won’t be at the delivery address in time! Can my friend accept it?
Sorry, only the registered patient is permitted to accept delivery.

3. How much can I order?
There is a minimum $60 for delivery and the maximum daily amount of medication each member can order is 1 ounce.

4. What do I need when the driver comes?
Have these things ready: A valid drivers license and submitted new member form.

5. What if I am not happy with my medical marijuana? Can I return it?
Absolutely! We understand that different strains of medical marijuana effect people differently. Let us know within 24 hours of your initial consultation that you’d like to try something else. We will exchange your medicine for another, gram for gram. There will be no exchanges on edibles and no refunds. Once we have received your request the driver will contact you and set up a delivery time that works for you. Limited to 2 returns in a row.

6. Can I make special request for certain medical strain or edible?
Yes you can! For now email us at order.expressmedz@gmail.com but in the near future, this will be one of the many benefits of joining the Express Medz Chronnoisseurs Club.

7. Do I need to tip the driver? If so, what is an average tip?
Our drivers work for tips so we ask that you show your appreciation by tipping them. Tips are based on service provided, distance traveled, and 15% of your order is considered a standard tip.

8. What is the average time for a delivery?
On average, 1 hour from when your order is confirmed. Delivery times can be made and negotiated with the delivery driver.

9. What is the Chronnoisseurs Club?
Ask the Dispatcher when you call or click the Chronnoiseurs Club link! Chronnoiseur Club members enjoy discounts on every order and much more!

10. When Can I receive a delivery?

Our operators start taking orders Mon-Sat at 10:00 am and deliveries begin at 12:00 PM and ends 7:00 PM*
*(orders must be received by 6:30 for delivery by 7pm).

On Sundays orders/deliveries start at 12:00 PM and ends at 4:00 PM.*
*(orders must be received by 3 :30 for delivery by 4pm).